Bryan Sutlive

Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Formerly a high school English teacher, Bryan enjoys the challenge of taking a difficult, complex situation and finding its proper solution. Your recovery is his priority.

Working Throughout the Community

“True justice begins outside of the courtroom.” — Bryan Sutlive


Our dedication to helping others extends beyond the courtroom setting. Committed to a continuity of client care, Bryan and the rest of our team proudly promote child advocacy programs, victim recovery options, and more. After all, the greatest victory for us is if you don’t require our services in the first place.


Big law firms often confuse huge settlements with big victories. At Sutlive Law, we value making sure that you know exactly what is going on in your case and that you have the tools to protect yourself both now and in the future.


Throughout all this, we continue to educate ourselves in order to become the best possible representatives for our clients. A firm believer that learning is a continuous process, Bryan often refers to “professional learning” as an additional hobby of his.

Of course, this extends beyond simple book-learning. Bryan enjoys woodworking when he is not fighting for his clients. For him, woodworking and law are extremely alike: both involve pulling a problem apart to examine it before putting it back together — ideally, in better shape than it was before.

We Put You in Charge

While we will be your guides, it is you who will have the final say. Your life will be the one ultimately affected, which is why we strive to provide you with the proper knowledge and tools to make educated decisions regarding your case.

Here, you won’t find an attorney who bullies you into a decision you don’t want. We believe you have the right to ownership of your own case. With us, you aren’t just a case number — you’re part of the team.

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Practice Areas

Aggressive representation for your injury case

Personal Injury

Doctors help you with your physical injury. We are here to make sure you receive the monetary compensation that gets your life back on track.

Car Accidents

Whether you were involved in a hit and run, drunk driving incident, or truck crash, car accidents can leave you uncertain.

Nursing Home Abuse

Your family is the most important thing in your life. When one of them is abused or neglected, make sure you’re getting the justice they deserve.

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We are proud to partner with attorneys across the Atlanta, Georgia area. If you or one of your colleagues is seeking a passionate personal injury attorney dedicated to getting you the best result, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Fitting All the Pieces Together

Learn how we approach the healing process


First and foremost, you need the proper care to recover after an injury. Whether you were in a car accident or your family member suffered abuse or neglect at a nursing home, we make sure you’re able to find the proper resources for recovery. Once your basic needs have been met, our team will be able to more effectively strategize and fight for the best possible monetary result in your particular case.

Financial Freedom

Ultimately, our goal is for you to move on from this incident and continue forward in your life without having to worry about excessive debt and medical bills. We fight for your freedom to take back your life and move on, worry-free.

Peace of Mind

We work to achieve a fair resolution that will set your mind at ease once the case is all said and done. Whether that piece has been achieved through justice, monetary compensation to reduce debt, or the ability to access the health resources you need, we hope to find the right end result for you.