Attorney Bryan Sutlive

Bryan began his professional life as a high school English teacher and coach before returning to the classroom as a law student. Bryan views practicing as a lawyer as simply an extension of his first career: “Lawyers, teachers, and coaches are essentially the same calling, to educate, inform, and empower people.” The only difference today is that instead of educating young people about great works of literature or drawing up a game plan to defeat an opponent, he is educating citizens and clients about their legal rights, options for treatment, and strategizing on the best courses of action in a particular case. Having tried multiple cases to verdict in front of both juries and judges he knows that the key to a successful outcome begins long before the jury gets the case.

“I believe cases are won on day 1. Understanding and developing a close relationship with clients is the key to successful litigation. It allows you to truly tell their story in front of a judge or jury, which is the key to success in the courtroom.”

After several years of practice representing injured people he founded Sutlive Law with one mission: To educate and serve our clients faithfully.

“We believe that it is paramount to ensure that our clients understand that they are part of a team – not that things are just happening to them, but that they have a voice in their case.”Having secured many six and seven figure results for clients, he finds the greatest satisfaction is not the money, but sharing the joy with clients that they made great recoveries physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He credits his family for this perspective. “I come from a family of doctors, physical and occupational therapists, and nurses. Their calling is to heal – and in a different way I think that is my calling as well.”

Having such deep experience in the medical world, Bryan recognizes that the most important result of any personal injury case is his client’s health. “Every client I’ve ever had would gladly give back the money they were awarded to not be injured in the first place.” That is why Sutlive Law works hand-in-hand with their clients to find the best possible medical providers to ensure the greatest possible physical recovery. This family connection also provides Bryan with a great depth of knowledge on medical injuries and conditions and access to a large network of medical providers.

When he is not practicing law, Bryan enjoys staying active, woodworking, spending time with his five nieces, being active in his church, and coaching basketball. Bryan is a volunteer 8th grade basketball coach at St. Pius X and loves the opportunity to give back to the community and help young people to grow on the court, in the classroom, and in life. “We are a community and our greatest calling is service to one another – that is how we can all succeed and grow.”

Bar Admissions

  • State Bar of Georgia
  • Northern District of Georgia


  • University of Dayton School of Law


  • Georgia Bar Association
  • Atlanta Bar Association